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[ Lectures on Western Music, Seagull Books, Calcutta 1987 ]

   Stockhausen in Calcutta
[ A commemorative collection, selected by H.J. Nagel,
Seagull Books, Calcutta 1984 ]

   Music and Policy
[ Paul Dessau and Hanns Eisler, in: "Between Politics and Culture -
Jews in the GDR", Tel Aviv University, Wallstein Edition 2002 ]

   Aspects of Cultural Activities
at a German Cultural Institute in Israel
[ Documentation by the Goethe Institut Tel Aviv, 2004 ]

   The Future of Culture and Education
[ In: The Relation between Israel and Germany, Article for the Science Centre Düsseldorf, 2005 ]

   New Music and the cultural programs
of the cities in Germany
[ In: New Music in the FRG, Documentation 75/76-76/77, Edited by the Society for Contemporary Music ]

   "For whom do you compose?"
[In: Lecture. Graz/Austria, Contemporary Music Festival 2007]

   "A contribution to the music of Charles Camilleri in the context of european composing in the 20th century. "
[Article/ Malta 2007]

  On the occasion of the Mozart Fest Malta, 2006
"What a Mozart Exhibition can also mean"
[published in Anna Lindh Foundation Newsletters, 2007]

Music theory,- analysis,-history,-aesthetics, - meanings between Skylla and Charibdis, 2010
Read : Not Art Not Music : pdf

  Hans Werner Henze: On composing ( translation by H.J.Nagel)
The essay was published in a brochure, published for the Henze Festival 1976 in Bonn by H.J.Nagel
Read : Hans Werner Henze : On composing ( translation by H.J.Nagel): pdf

  What is music?
Reflections of internationally well known musicians on an inexhaustible mystery collected and translated by Hans- Juergen Nagel,
published by wordsmith university press Kolkata, 2016



CDs and other recordings:

   Kurt Weill - Oceanflight
[ Text Bert Brecht, Orchester EPOQUE Orpheus Choir Sofia, Conductor H.J. Nagel. Classic FM Radio, Sofia 1996 ]

   Richard Strauss- 4 Last Songs
[ Alexandrina Miltcheva, MzSopran, Radio Sinfonie Orchestra, Sofia. Conductor H.J. Nagel ]

   Paul Hindemith Four Temperaments
[ Tiny Wirtz, piano, Sinfonietta-Radio Sofia. Conductor H.J. Nagel ]

   W.A. Mozart - Chio mi scordidi te, KV 505
[ Tiny Wirtz, piano, Alexandrina Miltcheva, MzSopran, Sinfonietta-Radio Sofia. Conductor H.J. Nagel ]

  Kurt Weill: Violin Concert & Mahagonny Song Play
[Ensemble of the 21st Century, Soloist Gottfried Schneider, Conductor: H.J. Nagel, Israel 2001 ]

  Joh. Seb.Bach: Weihnachtsoratorium
[Live Recording of the concert at St. John Cathedral Malta]

  Recordings with music of Maltese Composers of different periods

  CD Produktion von "Songs of the solitary man" für Solisten, Chor und Orchester
Text: Ruzra Briffa, Music Albert Pace, Orchester: Junge Philharmonie Brandenburg with Charles Vincenti, Tenor and Albert Buttigiet, Bass. Dirigent: Hans- Jürgen Nagel (2009) Read : CD Review : pdf