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  1988:   [ KUNST DISCO ]
Olympic Games Seoul
Cultural Contribution of the Federal Republic of Germany

  1979:   [ Transfer of the "Diatope" ]
by Iannis Xenakis
from the Pompidou Centre Paris to Bonn

  1979 - 1989:   [ Seminars on cultural policy ]
Manila, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Salvador-Bahia, Porto Allegre, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, London, Hongkong

  1974/77/80:   [ Beethoven Chamber Music cycles in Bonn ]
Late Beethoven works combined with contemporary music
Cooperation with the interpreters Maurizio Pollini, Gidon Kremer, LaSalle Quartet

  1977:   [ World Music Days of the ISCM ]
32 participating countries, Bonn

    [ Days of Contemporary music Bonn ]
Artistic Director . Cooperation with Cage, Nono, Xenakis, Stockhausen, Henze, Kagel. World premieres and commissions.

    [ TV Serie " Bios Bahnhof" ]
Consultant to the TV Serie " Bios Bahnhof" in ARD. Cooperation with Alfred Biolek.

    [ Alternative Cultural Program " Bonner Sommer" ]
Artistic director. 2000 performances in 8 years on the open air market place in the city of Bonn.

  Since 2002 Hans Jürgen Nagel initiated the Goethe Platforms, interdisciplinary meetings of local and international scientists, artists, curators, journalists in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah.


  2002:   [ Violence, Memory, Understanding ]
Curator: Trutz von Trotha
  2003:   [ Gender: Order and Disorder ]
Curator: Christina von Braun
  2004:   [ Art and War ]
Curator: Boris Groys
  2005:   [ Mind and Life ]
Curator: Michael von Brück

  Since 2006:

  International Relations Executive of Renaissance Cultural Foundation Malta
  Developing of a concept for biannual Malta Fest, Topic 2006: Mozart Fest Malta, Cooperation with Anna Lindh Foundation and EU programs.
   Mozart Fest Malta
Exhibition, Mastercourses, Panels,
Lecture and Opera production

   Not Art Not Music
Music theory,- analysis,-history,-aesthetics, - meanings between Skylla and Charibdis, 2010
Read : Not Art Not Music : pdf

  Workshop on conducting ( Dirigieren)
Calcutta School of Music/ India December 2016
Read : On conducting : pdf

  Projekte mit dem Calcutta Chamber Orchestra
1982 – 1987
Read : Kolkata 1982 : pdf